A new riding hailing firm, Zoza Cab, is trying to break into Addis Ababa’s dominated ride-hailing market by deploying its own vehicles and bringing down prices. 

The company, which was launched at the beginning of 2023, says it has a fleet of around 100 cars that it either owns or rents.

Founded by Surafel Belay, the firm also does not charge flag-down fees, and passengers only pay for the distance traveled. Pricing its service at 25 birr per km charge, Zoza aims to be the favored mode for short- and medium-distance travel.

“Zoza Cab is unique in the market, and our goal is to be an affordable ride-hailing service provider. Many people do not opt to use ride-hailing for short distances because of high flag-down fees,” Surafel Belay, founder and CEO of Zoza Cabs, told Shega.

“With Zoza, when people are traveling for 3 km or 4 km, the price meter is still at 75 or 100 birr. These prices are below the flag-down fee of many ride-hailing companies. We are trying to address this…

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