Ethiopia Telecom to Replace Nokia Network

Ethio-Telecom is to replace the Nokia mobile network coverage in Addis Ababa over the next five months according to officials with the telecom provider.

The areas in which the telecom network will be replaced include Ascot, Alem Bank, Akaki, Kolfe Keranio, Hanamariam, Jomo, Lebu and Mekanisa.

It is expected that complete coverage of the mobile tel-communications network in Addis Ababa will be handled either by ZTE or Huawei. The networks set up by Nokia are more than a decade old and are outdated which is why it is necessary to upgrade them said Abdurahim Ahmed, Head of Public Relations with Ethio-telecom.

It is likely that the network will be replaced by ZTE according to an anonymous source close to the issue although ethio-telecom is yet to officially announce its decision.

This effort is part of the larger bid to double the number of mobile subscribers from the current 20 million to 40 million s…

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