Dangote Industries Applied for Mining License in Ethiopia

Dangote Industries PLC applied for silica exploration license in Ethiopia. Silica is the major raw material for glass manufacturing. Dangote applied for the mining license to establish a glass manufacturing plant.

Dangote has also commenced work on cement manufacturing plant in Ethiopia. The cement factory, located in Mugher town, will have a production capacity of 1.5 tons per annum.

The Ethiopian Ministry of Mines previously suspended accepting applications for minerals exploration licenses for more than a year, however, the Ministry has resumed accepting applications two weeks ago.

According to Bacha Fuji, public relations head with the Ministry, told The Reporter, in addition to Dangote Industries, five other foreign and local companies have also applied for minerals exploration licenses. An Indian company, Allied Chemicals PLC, applied for iron ore exploration license, a company established by Ethiopian and German investors, Rusf Gladwun…

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