Dashen Bank Join Forces with Mastercard to Launch Virtual Prepaid Card for Travelers

Dashen Bank has teamed up with Mastercard to launch the ‘Dashen Mastercard,’ a multi-currency international prepaid card designed for travelers.

The announcement was unveiled at a press conference today, offering both plastic and virtual options, providing customers with flexibility and convenience for their international transactions.

The Dashen Mastercard features a dual-interface plastic card, allowing customers to make both contact and contactless transactions at ATMs and POS machines. It also enables cash withdrawals from ATMs, payments on POS terminals, and offers users the freedom to make online purchases at any merchant website worldwide where Mastercard is accepted.

The Dashen Mastercard is reloadable, allowing users to load funds onto the card as needed at forex bureaus. The card also supports multiple currencies, enabling customers to have separate wal…

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