Ethiopia human rights lawyer Henok Aklilu and friend Michael Melak arrested for receiving training at Palestine consulate

Amnesty International requests Ethiopian authorities, in a press statement, to release immediately and unconditionally human rights defender Henok Aklilu who was arrested for exercising freedom of expression (Amnesty International)―The Ethiopian authorities must immediately and unconditionally release a human rights defender and his friend who were arrested and charged for advocating for a more autonomous capital – Addis Ababa, with self-governance similar to other regional states, and for “receiving training from the Palestine Consulate” in Ethiopia, said Amnesty International. Henok Aklilu – a lawyer renowned for representing people accused of terrorism-related offenses – was arrested at his office in Addis Ababa together with a friend, Michael Melak, with whom he intends to form an association of Addis-born Ethiopians. “The arrest of Henok and Michael highlight the difficulties human rights defenders continue to face despite the Ethiopian government’s stated commitm…
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