Sebastopol Entertainment PLC is planning to build a a two-tower, four-story multiplex in Arada District.
Sebastopol has acquired a plot of land from the city administration for the construction of the towers for seven million Birr.

Sebastopol has paid 30pc of the total lease price as a down payment when it acquired the land in February, according to Tewodros Teshome, manager of Sebastopol Entertainment. Sebastopl hired Chartered Structural Consulting Engineers (CSC) PLC for the design of the buildings for 310,000Br. The construction of the tower is estimated to cost 50 million Br and construction will begin in June 2013.

The tower will house multiple cinema screens, entertainment center, children play grounds and food court. The building will also have a film studio that will be able to accommodate different setting equipments film makers may require, Tewodros said.

Sebastopolis expected to complete construction of the new building within three years, according to Eskinder Habte, land bank & transfer officer, in Arada District.

Source: Fortune

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