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Business Type Private
Location Bole Road, Sintasyeu Belay, 1st floor, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary Category Tour & Travel

One more Tour and Travel PLC is a company specializing in travel and tour operation services in Ethiopia. The company handles all ranges of ticketing for international and domestic travel. The company strives to deliver outstanding customer care especially focusing on corporate clients.

For international business travelers, we provide reasonable fares and convenient travel schedules by advising different travel options.


One More Tour and Travel PLC was established in 2013 as a travel agency. The company has been a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) since 2016. It has been growing since then expanding its client base. Its vast client base and flexibility helped the company survive through Covid-19.


Our team, being led by the owner who is an IATA certified agent and an accountant with years of experience, is equipped with motivated and expertly trained staff to professionally handle all demands of the travel industry. As a trusted travel agent to our clients and with the exceptional service and customer care we are known for, we ensure that our clients have all the time they need to focus on comfortably getting to their destination and achieving the purpose of their trip – not the hassle of traveling to it.


  • Competitive prices, group package: We regularly offer extremely competitive prices for group packages especially for corporate travel and business trips.
  • Various Options: We provide various options to our clients as we have firmly established partnerships with several major airlines.
  • Quick response on visa information and flight schedules: We provide a quick response for any matter related to visa information and flight schedules.
  • Visa Arrangement: We process /arrange VISA to UAE (DUBAI))
  • Reduced Rates: Provide attractively reduced rates to different destinations from time to time.
  • Credit Facility: We also provide reliable credit facilities with monthly or bi-weekly billing depending on our clients’ preferences.

Having worked with and served various corporate clients for years, we have been distinctly noted for the excellence of our service and receive testimonials from clients who enjoyed our service; and awards certificates of appreciation from major airlines and corporations.


Birhanu Bilata (IATA Certified, General Manager)
Tel: +251 911 048134 | 0901 645555 |



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