​Acupuncture is based on the ancient Chinese medicinal philosophy that Qi Energy is circulated through an extensive network of channels throughout the human body known as the meridian system. This extensive network naturally provides necessary regulation, balance and effective coordination of Qi for all vital organs as well as superficial tissues like your skin. Diagnosable illnesses can occur when the continuous flow of Qi is obstructed from possible consequences of a poor lifestyle, past injuries, specific diseases or medication side effects. Thin needles have been traditionally used to appropriately apply functional stimulation over a period of time to sufficiently clear this obstruction. Once the obstruction has been cleared to allow a sufficient, even and continuous flow of Qi, symptoms usually resolve. When combined with medicinal herbs and appropriate lifestyle changes, acupuncture treatments have been proven to produce long-lasting relief to a broad variety of health problems as pain issues, fertility problems, addiction problems and obesity.

Moxibustion is the ancient traditional Chinese medicinal practice where dried mugwort are carefully burned on particular meridian points of the patient. There are several distinct types of moxibustion practices ranging from directly burning moxa candles on top of the patient’s skin to applying moxa tapes onto the skin. When moxibustion is paired with acupuncture, they quickly replenish Yang Energy within a person. This typically induces a more fluid flow of qi and counteracts the evident lack of Yang or excess Ying.

Cupping therapy is the established practice where the inside of a glass cup is heated by fire to intentionally produce a localized vacuum. Which is then applied to certain key areas of the human body to promote blood flow, and to help healing. Since ancient times, the Chinese have been using bamboo cups or bronze cups to conduct cupping therapies. Nowadays, smooth, tempered glass cups are conventionally used to avoid burns or cuts. This process is typically performed on the five meridian points in the back. Some benefits of undergoing this therapy include a more continuous flow of qi throughout the entire body, improved balance, rejuvenation and reduced inflammation.

Auriculotherapy also called ear acupuncture, is the application of acupuncture to specific meridian points to the ear. Since each ear contains a network of blood vessels and nerve endings, when certain points of the ear are stimulated, auriculotherapy allows for great influences to major organs to improve bodily functions.

Massage Therapy also known as tui na in Chinese, is a therapeutic method often used alongside acupuncture to gently open up the meridian point of the body. This is done with the deliberate aim of releasing defense qi so your energy may flow more freely throughout your entire body. Practical benefits of massage therapy include improved blood flow to the skeletomuscular tissues, relieving muscle tension, and improved relaxation.

Chiropractic Therapy is the manipulation of joints and soft tissues to treat a variety of ailments including but not limited to misalignment of the spine. In North America, it is a well-established non-invasive practice aimed as an alternative to certain surgical operations. It has been proven to effectively treat chronic or acute pains typically related to the neck, lower back and the spine. However, other benefits have also been noted like improved sinus functions, posture and blood circulation.


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