Kevon Owen is an experienced Christian Counselor and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with experience in inpatient and outpatient care and a history of working in the mental health care industry. Kevon is skilled in Christian Counseling and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for adults, children, and adolescents Therapy.

Kevon also has extensive training in Relationship Therapy / Marriage Therapy and Family Therapy.

12 years as a Youth Minister, Kevon has a strong background in theology and church ministry. He has a masters degree focused in Counseling Psychology from Mid-America Christian University. He studied undergrad in youth ministry and Biblical languages at Oklahoma Baptist University and Family Studies and Gerontology at Southern Nazarene University. Kevon is currently working to complete a doctorate in clinical counseling from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with a projected completion of early 2021.
Did you know that Kevon Owen is regularly consulted and featured articles pertaining to issues such as relationships, love, parenting, anxiety, psychopharmacology, marriage, psychopathology, and more. These articles are from nationally syndicated media outlets including Insider, Elite Daily, Fatherly, Bustle, Healthline and many more. Ask Kevon about where you can see where his work has been showing up lately.
Kevon loves a whole person approach to working with people and believes that as people who are made up of a mind, body, and spirit. If any of these areas are in discord they will all be impacted. There is great therapeutic value in including all of these features in the therapeutic process. To your comfort level, Kevon includes aspects of clinical psychotherapy, Christian counseling, and being active. Kevon’s offices are comfortable and conveniently located with opportunities for walking trails and play.

Kevon would like to furnish you with information about his professional clinical credentials. He is licensed to practice as a licensed Professional Counselor by the Oklahoma State Department of Health. Kevon’s license number is 6714 He would be happy to discuss this information with you and/or furnish you with printed material. You may contact (without giving your name) the LPC office listed below for additional information.
Oklahoma State Department of Health
1000 Northeast 10th Street

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