This Canadian start-up makes small-batch eco-friendly eyewear production available throughout North America, catering to consumers who care about “how it’s made and where it’s made”, according to Managing Partner Tim Waggoner.

Loch sustainable wooden eyeglasses frames come from the treasured logs of trees that have stayed in the waters of rivers heading to Great Lakes for over 500 years. These unspoiled trees were harvested by our settlers during the logging boom and floated down the fast-moving rivers to the Great Lakes, but not all of them survived the voyage. They were held to the bottom in the near zero-oxygen environment, achieving unprecedented elegance, efficiency, and character while still growing strongly. Undisturbed these timbers lay until now.

Loch allows its customers to request customization of color, fit, and everything else that makes the frame suitable for the wearer. In the case of sustainable prescription eyeglass wearers, the frames are heat adjustable to ensure a high fit and are supported by a Lifelong Treatment Guarantee.

Therefore, every frame for eyeglasses that we select is carefully chosen. From a trendy and modern array of men’s glasses to a lovely set of women’s glasses, we have the biggest collection of eyewear online in Canada. We enjoy making it fast and convenient to order eco-friendly prescription eyeglasses online. You can scroll our website and apply filters to pick your glasses by popular eyeglasses frame shapes and shades.

Eco-friendly prescription eyeglasses choices are becoming increasingly available for those who use sustainable prescription eyeglasses. The designs are different, new, and aesthetically appealing. Loch stands out in terms of creating and thereby defining a sustainable future. Remember that it is not just about appearances, but also about functioning – the materials used in a certain pair of prescription glasses (both frames and lenses) are important. Loch is a one-stop option for online eco-friendly eyeglasses. Now with Canada’s most iconic range of wooden sunglasses, do not let the sunlight ever bother you again. With our exquisite range of optical lenses available online, now get the flexibility to convert any pair of glasses into a pair of your favorite sunglasses.


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