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Exotic spice blends, enticing sauces, and highly nutritious flatbread called Injera are the basis for Ethiopian’s unique and delicious cuisine. Our traditional menu incorporates beef, lamb, and chicken . We do offer variety of Vegetarian dishes us well. Typical, Ethiopian food is served on centerpiece platters over Injera accompanied by additional plates of rolled-up Injera .To eat, you simply tear off pieces of Injera and scoop up bites of food . You may be interested to know about the sacred roots of Ethiopia’s vegetarian cuisine. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church, which preserves a version of the faith that dates back to Late Antiquity, observes some 250 fast days during which eating meat and animal products is discouraged. There are probably anthropologically functional reasons for this, as for Hindu/Jain vegetarianism, but the cultural explanation is religious. And the result – in addition to the propitiation of the Almighty – is some terrific vegetarian cuisine.
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