We provide comprehensive fire protection services in Wollongong. We install the right fire protection equipment for your home or business such as fire extinguishers, fire blankets, fire alarms, emergence exit lights and fire doors.

Fire Protection

We offer fire protection service services, such as fire extinguisher services, that comply with the requirements of each Australian state.

Electrical Services

Our years of professional experience established us as the most reliable company when it comes to electrical services.

Fire Audits

We’ll check every corner of your home or business to make sure that your home or business is fireproof.

Fire Safety Training

Our Online Fire Extinguisher Training, Fire Warden Training and First Attack Fire and Safety Training aim to educate your staff and your family members about fire safety and what to do during emergency situations.

Fire Equipment Maintenance’

Our fire maintenance service includes a regular thorough inspection and testing of every fire equipment you have in your area.

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