3D-Dynamic Data Development AG was founded in 2000. The company’s main headquarters is located in Herisau, Switzerland. The international programmer network with offices in Germany, the USA, China and India is managed from there. The offices also support each other: know-how from various continents is bundled to develop highly precise and intelligent software with typical Swiss precision quality. Thanks to a constant cultural and intellectual exchange between employees and a variety of coaching sessions, the entire team’s quality level increases.

The high pace of modern life is also reflected in the name of the company: 3D stands for Dynamic Data Development. Dynamic data is a term from data management and means that the data is updated regularly. With its know-how, 3D-Dynamic Data Development AG has already helped several customers optimise their businesses, successfully launch apps and develop new sales markets. 3D-Dynamic Data Development AG definitely has the know-how to successfully launch its own projects and position itself on the market as its own brand.


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