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Ethiopia’s mighty river, the Great Abay, is a dramatic spectacle and a sym­bol of natural strength and grandeur. It is not only a magnificent sight to vis­it, but also a river with immense po­tential for our country’s development.

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This tremendous natural strength simi­larly explains why we are named Abay. We are here to foster growth and de­velopment by promoting and financ­ing different sectors, thereby gener­ating employment opportunities and accelerating capital formation, by ensuring a safe, stable and sound financial system.

As a number of tourists coming to visit the river Abay find themselves surrounded by curious and polite children dressed in simple woolen garments, our dedicated employ­ees supported by the state-of-the art bank­ing technology welcome you and serve you with diligence and efficiency.

Abay River, Ethiopian’s jewel, has the po­tential of being the major catalyst for growth and development. By the same token, Abay Bank aspires to be an en­gine of growth and development in the financial sector for the farmers, business men and other customers. We are here to lead the way to financial empowerment.

Abay Bank S.C Head Office:

  • Address: Zequala Complex, Jomo Kenyatta Avenue, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Phone: +251 115 158 961/+251 115 549 735
  • Fax: +251 115 528 882
  • P.O.Box: 5887
  • Email:info@abaybank.com.et
  • Website: www.abaybanket.com
  • Swift Code: ABAYETAA



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