Executives at the Kenyan Insurtech provider Pula have announced the insurance coverage of over 120,000 Ethiopian farmers against climate disasters, totaling one billion birr (18 million dollars) in insured sums. 

“I am delighted to announce the launch of the Largest Crop Insurance in Ethiopia, with a total sum insured of ETB 1 Billion, protecting 122,000 teff and wheat farmers in the Amhara region,” wrote Dagmawi Haileyesus Pula Country Project Manager on LinkedIn.

Pula is a Kenya-based agricultural insurance and technology company specializing in innovative agricultural insurance and digital products designed to assist smallholder farmers. The first phase of its Area Yield Index (AYII) Insurance product for Ethiopian farmers was launched a few months ago.

The insurance product provided by Pula safeguards farmers’ investments, particularly in fertilizers, ensuring they have financial resources available to purchase essential agricultural supplies for the next season in the…

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