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Ethio telecom modifies Prepaid Mobile SIM Card life cycle into six periods. In line with  this modification, the Prepaid Mobile customers, whose SIM card have been inactive during the last six months, will be recycled as of mid of February, 2013 if they could not recharge their account before this termination date so as to make it active.


The existing days for one way block (suspense period) which had been 15 days earlier is now modified to 180 days or 6 months. During this one way block period, the subscriber can only receive incoming call/SMS, but cannot make outgoing call/SMS. With regard to the recycle period, under the existing condition there has not been a predefined rule, but now there is one month time after the termination period meaning the number will be recycled and ready for sale.

The modified Prepaid Mobile SIM Card life cycle has the following six periods :

1.    Pre-active period
2.    Active period
3.    One way blocked period (suspense period)
4.    Two way blocked period
5.    Termination period
6.    Recycling


1/ Pre-active period is the period between the availability of the SIM in the warehouse and when the first call is made. The pre-active SIM cards have a default air time and they will be activated when the first call is made.


2/The Active period is from the first call made to the prepaid account balance validity period expiry date. During this period customers can make and receive both voice call and SMS. A maximum accumulated validity period of active period is 120 days.


3/One way blocked (suspense period) is:
o    This is the period between prepaid account balance validity expiry and beginning of two way block.
o    These customers can receive call/SMS but cannot  make  voice call/SMS
o    Customers can recharge their account, and existing balance kept
o    This period lasts for 6 months (180 days).


4/Two way blocked period
o    This is the period between  prepaid account expiry and termination
o    These customers cannot receive any voice call/SMS and can’t make any voice call/send SMS.
o    Customers can recharge their balance, but their unused  balance will be burned
o    This period survives  for 1 month (30 days)


5/ Termination period
o    After expiration of two way block period, the SIM Card will be terminated.
o    Customers can¡¯t recharge their account
o    Terminated customer have 1 month (30 days) quarantine period


o    Instant when quarantine period ends. That is after 30 days of quarantine period, the number will be recycled and ready for sale.
According to this modification, the prepaid customers whose SIM cards have been inactive during the last six months are expected either:
o    To recharge their account before termination & become active, or
o    Customers whose SIMs are inactive for less than six months will be treated as per the above business rule will be recycled as of mid February, 2013.


Regarding the conditions of the Prepaid Mobile SIM Card Life Cycle :
o    The pre-active line will be activated when the1st call is made
o    After termination, the number would be recycled immediately.

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